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Jul 06, 2012 -- 1:13pm

Have you ever had THAT moment where you were a complete klutz???  Yeah! I do ALL of the time! I took several 'tumbles' around my apartment and was told I had 2 cracked ribs!!  Talk about PAIN!!!  Then it actually started to feel SLIGHTLY, not much, but slightly better so I was extremely concerned.  Of course, I post everything on my Facebook page and a great friend, Tracy Steinle told me to go here... Premier Family Physicians at South Austin immediately! (Yes, Mom)

 .  So, I callecd        SSo, I gave them a call and...get this...they were actually WILLING to fit me in with an appointment that worked around MY schedule!!!  I know!!  Right? Unheard of!  I went to see Dr. Kevin Spencer (Ladies, he's also quite easy on the peepers too). He was the sweetest doctor! Like the ones who once made house calls!  I didn't have a doctor in Austin, I just didn't 'get around to finding one' yet.  Now, I don't need to look!  I wouldn't normally post about my lovely doctor visits and stuff like that, but when you find a "Diamond In The Rough", I just have to share!  If you don't have a good doc yet...give the practice a call!!  OK....I gotta go to YouTube and look for instructions on 'how to break a finger' so I can schedule another appointment.... Like I said, easy on the peeps!  LOL!! 

Have a great weekend everyone!!  Be safe!


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