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Father's Day Lessons

Jun 15, 2012 -- 3:08pm

FATHER'S DAY: Lessons For Your Kids

These are some essential lessons all fathers should teach their son.... Nope! I didn't come up with them, but I do agree. How about you?

Some possibilities ...

  • tie a tie
  • change oil and tires
  • budget a checkbook
  • treat women well
  • a solid handshake
  • a healthy respect for guns
  • basic mechanics -- "lefty loosey, tighty righty"
  • what to do when stopped by a cop
  • how to calculate a tip
  • how to calm an angry person down
  • how to drive safely
  • save money
  • how to identify and avoid crazy women
  • make sure to vote
  • when you're doing dirty work, like dumping a girlfriend or firing an employee, do it in person -- like a man

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